The Flea Market Ideas

A flea market is a market where people can rent a place to sell, trade or barter merchandise which is old or used. Thus a flea market can be referred to as a second hand goods market. It is however different from other markets. A flea market is different from other markets in that it is organized by enterprising individuals or groups of people on a no profit no loss basis. A flea market idea is a great initiative which can drive an individual to perform an act of extreme graciousness to humanity by providing people from all walks of life the chance to get rid of the clutter in their house. Because as we all well know, one man’s clutter is another man’s treasure. That’s exactly what you can hope to find at a flea market.

Flea markets can be organized outdoors as well as indoors. The flea market idea of an indoor setting is not as much for aesthetics or indoor décor as it is for escaping the harshness of weather. Flea markets sell a variety of different types of goods which are usually used and in most cases not in such a usable condition. For most people, actually quite a lot of people the flea market idea is that they can probably get a coin from the 1930’s here, or they can get their hands on the original CD’s records of the Beetles which are nigh on fifty years old. But flea markets do not have their fair share of usable items too. You can indulge yourself in guilty fashion desires by buying those bell bottoms from the olden days; your grandmother will love you for sure after that. Or you can also buy the horribly disgusting shoes that your grandfather used to wear back when you were not even born. You had only laid your eyes on them once or twice in the store room before your mother threw out the whole junk in the garage, no doubt shipping it off to the indoor flea market her neighbor had organized.

The flea markets which are indoors are no less fascinating. They are only limited by the space available while boasting the perks of being air conditioned and clutter free. Indoor flea markets have to be clutter free to avoid hampering the movement of people. The indoor flea markets usually exhibit home décor and home utility things which can include but are not limited to bangles, rosary beads, showpieces, vases, flower pots from the 80’s and various other home use items which you typically see lying around in the house but do not really pay attention.

The indoor flea market in Downtown Los Angeles is aptly named the Arts Flea Market as it has an assortment of things all related to art, When you enter the flea market you can immediately sense a cool atmosphere of serenity which can only be exuded by the paintings dating back to the Victorian Era England. There are also several clay pots handcrafted by some indigenous people dating back 50, 60 years ago. But the flea market idea which interests the youngsters and men most like is the vintage mechanical and auto vehicles parts available in these flea markets. There are a range of so called treasures for young boys in the flea markets too. For example you can find an old mechanical hand sprayer which has a really nice and funky handle which you can use to hold on while spraying water on your little sister. Men can find that sea compass from the 60’s era much like the one used in the movie “Pirate of the Caribbean”. There are a lot of fantastic toys too which are available in the indoor flea markets. Boys can expect to find that really awesome 1:18 scale monster truck which was a limited edition version and they couldn’t buy it in their child hood. Several collector’s item are also available in the flea markets because for all you know there are too many coin and stamp collectors out to make a little buck in these flea markets. So next Sunday it would not be a really bad idea to visit an indoor flea market.

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