How to Restore an Old Leather Sofa

leather sofa restoration

How to Restore an Old Leather Sofa

A leather sofa is stylish and exudes elegance; it can add grandeur and sophistication to any living room. It can be timeless and can last for several years with the proper maintenance and care. Exposure to outside forces like the sun’s heat, dust and dirt makes it lose its sheen and suppleness. Over time it can develop cracks, suffer scratches and will look dull and lifeless. It dries out and its color will slowly fade. Restoring it to regain its original state needs the help of an expert, however, there is a simple way to achieving a soft and shiny look in your treasured leather sofa.


Step by step procedure for restoring an old leather sofa

Using a clean, soft cloth, wipe the surfaces of the leather sofa to get rid of dust and dirt. Remove the dirt under and between the cushions using a vacuum. Use your vacuum hose attachment to reach into crevices and a soft brush on the surfaces of the leather.

Squeeze out the water in your cloth by wringing it. Then use it to wash the leather with a warm solution of dish washing liquid and water. Don’t use ordinary soap or detergent, it leaves white stains on the leather. Be careful not to wet the leather too much, that is why you have to wring it well.

Rinse the leather with soft, dry cloth and allow it to dry naturally on its own.

Apply a petroleum based leather dressing that can be bought from stores. This dressing should be specifically made for leathers not oils and creams that are commonly used in cleaning general surfaces. These oils can damage and even stained the leather. Then buff the leather with a soft cloth until it shines lightly.

Wipe up any spills you see by lightly smudging it.

Apply a leather balm for small scratches and little cracks on the leather surface. Then let it dry naturally. Then buff it again by doing it softly and gently.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome and wants to add some luster into its color; you can try by using a leather coloring that specially matches the color of your sofa. To get it perfect, submit a swatch of your leather’s particular color to the enterprise that manufactures the dye. If you got hold of it, follow the instructions written on how you should use it.

It is done. You have brought back the glory days of your old leather sofa. However, if it has large damages like a big tear or puncture, it is best recommended to see a leather specialist. They will surely know best.



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