Top Texas Flea Markets

top texas flea markets

Top Texas Flea Markets

With more than 200 flea markets in total, there is definitely no shortage in Texas to find what you are looking.  For for the adventurous among us who want to do it Texas style, here is the list of the largest three.


Austin Country Flea Market


This is one of the oldest and largest flea market in Texas. From the views of it there is a distinct class southwestern look to it. You can find lots of new merchandise, western and cowboy clothing and gear as well as collectibles, coins house wares and a variety of new merchandise. One of the criticism of the market is that people seem to think that it is becoming into a low end Mexican import retail place.

You have lots of food here as well as restroom and ac/heat. Spaces start from $35/weekend. The most interesting part is that you have overnight camping available as well.


Hours: Held Saturday & Sunday 10am – 6pm (open all year)

Parking: $2/hour





This market is Texas size big.  The market spans tens of aces.  Some historians note that this may be the oldest flea market in the US.  The market is open before the first Monday of the month.  There are over 3000+ dealers hosting stalls in this market.   Here you will find a huge choice of Antiques, Collectibles and Handcrafts.

There is electricity, water, restrooms, showers and parking available on site.  If you are like me you will love the option of parking of your RV here as well.  You also have many options available for food, from Hispanic to American fare.

If you are a serious collector/investor of antiques then you cannot miss attending this market.




Traders Village opened in 1973 and currently boasts over 120 acres of hosted space.  There are more than 3,500 vendors every weekend showing new and used goods.  This is easily the largest flea market in Texas.  The market boasts many facilities such as ATM, restrooms, RV parking and rides for kids.  You have have a wide variety of food options available.


Hours: 10am – 5pm (Weekend)

Parking: $4

RV Spaces:  Starts at $29.95/day with discounts for weekly space rentals.


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