Flea Markets in Florida and Georgia

pendergrass flea market

Flea Markets in Florida and Georgia

 Flea Markets in Florida

Known as the sunshine state, Florida is not commonly known as a state of flea markets. Still, Florida flea markets offer residents some of the best deals in the United States.

Of Florida flea markets, there are five that really stand out from the crowd. These five Florida flea markets are: Red Barn, Fleamasters, Sun Flea Market, 49er Flea Market and the Dome flea market.49er Flea Market

The Red Barn flea market is located in Sarasota County and offers more than 600 booths in an 80,000-square-foot, air-conditioned area.

Fleamasters flea market in Fort Myers is one of the largest in the country, with more than 900 booths and 400,000 square feet of vendor room.

The Sun flea market is located in Port Charlotte and has more than 100 air-conditioned booths. The 49er, on the other hand, has both interior and exterior booths and is located in Clearwater. Finally, located in Venice, the Dome flea market offers some of the best prices with more than 50 vendors to choose from.

Flea Markets in Georgia

Georgia flea markets are some of the best in all of the United States, with prices often being lower than you would find anywhere else. The five best Georgia flea markets are:  J and J flea market in Athens, Keller’s flea market in Savannah, Bill’s flea market in Lithia Springs, Smiley’s flea market in Macon and the Pendergrass flea market in Pendergrass.

smileys-flea-marketJ and J flea market has hundreds of vendors, and it is one of the largest in Georgia. Keller’s flea market is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it is the largest in the Savannah area, giving it a large amount of foot traffic. Bill’s flea market has been around for more than 35 years and has in excess of 400 booths, making it another massive flea market.

Smiley’s stands out because, although it is only open on weekends, it often holds special events.

Among Georgia flea markets, Pendergrass is actually the largest, with more than 250,000 square feet of vendor space and more than 700 sales areas. In fact, people sometimes, it’s worth visiting Pendergrass just to check out the largest flea market in the state

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